Benefits an​d Fees

The iLGM is a common-law association of municipal managers and senior managers and its objectives are to serve their networking and knowledge sharing needs. The organisation is based in Johannesburg and its day to day operations are managed and administrated by a professional association management company. The organisation is funded from membership fees and event revenue and operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Value Proposition of the iLGM 
The iLGM is an institution where municipal managers and those managers that report to them, can meet, exchange ideas and collaboratively influence their occupational environment.

•    Accredited Municipal Manager Designation
•    Continuous Professional Development Programme
•    Accreditation and Ethics Services

Membership of one or more learned societies is essential for the development of a successful professional career. This particular institute provides municipal managers with a platform for interactions and networking with colleagues in the industry. Membership will provide you with at least the following benefits:

  • You can meet and interact with colleagues in your industry.
  • You can learn about the macro socio-political drivers in your industry.
  • You can compare your thinking on issues with that of your peers.
  • You can use the Institute as a platform to profile yourself in the industry.
  • You can demonstrate your thought leadership in a peer environment.
  • You can track industry trends and issues.
  • You get the opportunity to participate in your industry on a national level.

    You can expect at least -
  • A range of Executive Support Services
  • Hotel Express Card
  • ILGM Pension Fund
  • Annual Youth Development Conference
  • One annual conference per year.
  • Monthly electronic news bulletin.
  • Regular branch events
  • Web archive of Convention Papers
  • As with all associations you need to participate to benefit from membership of the iLGM. If you attend events, speak, or sometimes chair, you will have much to show for your membership. Consider inviting your local branch to meet at your municipality. You can also bring much value to your local business community by hosting an iLGM conference in your town or city.


Members of the association pay an annual membership fee. The fee is a part of the general funding model of the institute. Other revenue is derived from sponsorships and event attendance fees.

Type of Membership

Joining Fee 

Subscription Fee 


Full Member




Special Member




Student Member




Membership fees includes 15% VAT.

When renewing membership fees please use your first and last name as reference.

Payto: ILGM Account 91 5778 2768 ABSA BANK RANDBURG (632-005)