Members Pledge

I, the undersigned, pledge to uphold the values of the Institute and to conduct myself in my professional and private capacity in a manner, that is a credit to both the Institute as well as the profession of local government management as a whole. In doing this l shall:

be committed to:

  • Uphold the Republic's and the Institute's Constitution and all other legislation.
  • Efficient, effective and democratic local governance, believing in the worth of local government and a sense of community responsibility.
  • A belief that local governments exist to serve the best interests of their communities.
  • Ensure that the roles of elected representatives and officials do not overlap.
  • The separate but complimentary roles of elected representatives and management.
  • A high standard of professionalism.

uphold the following personal values:

  • Honesty, Propriety and integrity.
  • Objectivity, Independence and Impartiality.
  • Respect for Privacy.
  • Competence and Duty of Care.
  • Loyalty.

conform to the following:

  • Act in the best interest of the public, fellow members of the Institute, employers and colleagues.
  • Promote local government as a respected and reputable profession.
  • Demonstrate professional competence and management skill.
  • Desist from any fraudulent and/or dishonourable practice and not to consider or accept any covert reward of profit.
  • Observe a strict professional detachment from electioneering or partisan political activity associated directly or indirectly with local government.