Admission Requirements

In line with its established principles of accessibility and representativity, the Institute has a number of membership categories to attract members from a broad base while maintaining focus on its core business. Through special non-core category membership it is also aimed to recognise excellence in local government. Set out below are various categories of membership and requirements applicable to each category: 

Full member

Applicants must occupy senior managerial positions in local government. The requirement that applicants should possess a three year post matric academic qualification was suspended for an indefinite period. A full member has full voting rights and can be voted into office. The applicable admission and membership fees are determined by the Institute's National Executive Council from time to time.

Student member

The student category is intended for persons who are registered for a course at a recognised educational institution. Such a course should be related to a managerial or administrative career in local government. Student members have no voting rights but may use the Institute's facilities and benefit from training programmes available from time to time.

Fellow member

This membership category is intended for full members who have rendered exceptional service to the Institute or local governance in general. The Institute bestows it on such members in recognition of their services.

Honorary member

The honorary membership is for non-members of the Institute who have rendered exceptional service. This membership is also bestowed by the Institute.

Special Category member

This membership is intended to cater for people not necessarily employed in local government but who are interested in the activities of the iLGM. It also caters for members of professional institutes or organisations outside South Africa which promote objectives similar to those of the ILGM.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Membership is intended for companies or organisations that will want to market their products or services to the members of the institute. It is also a suitable category for not for profit organisations and NGOs that will wants to interface with the iLGM or its constituency.